Multiple Localization Technologies

RTK, GNSS, INS, odometry, LiDAR and vision

make localization more reliable and adaptive to various environment like urban area (with GPS drift) or open field (without features).

Optimized Dynamic Control

Vehicle and road parameters

that refer to vehicle status (posture, speed, acceleration), multi-body dynamics, and road conditions (route, slope, curve) for vehicle dynamic control and enhanced comfortability. Key control parameters can be shared with vehicle manufacturers.

Full Safety Assessment

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X)

integrates with perception modules on board and at roadside. Continuous data collection will help improve training data and module performance. V2X technology is used to detect front and lateral obstacles or threats, ensuring safety at road intersections.

Operation and Control Center

Diagnostics of sensor & vehicle status and mission control

are monitored and documented for analysis and preventative maintenance. Insight from operation will help optimize route planning, demand responsive transit systems, and dispatch managemt.

Sensor Fusion