Core Technologies of LSAD

Core Technologies of LSAD

LSAD, or low-speed autonomous driving, vehicles operate in distinctive environment with varying operational design domain (ODD), bringing about unique technical challenges. As the demand for LSAD grows, so does competition. Turing Drive specializes in the following key technologies to ensure successful product development.

Faster and Cheaper 

One of Turing Drive’s technical competence is to quickly pair and integrate components across lower and upper systems, from vehicle controller to algorithm modules, and to autonomy system.​ Therefore, we can optimize cost-effective sensor package that meets particular ODD requirements. The agility not only shortens time-to-market but also facilitates collaborations with vehicle manufacturers. 

Localization Accuracy

Another core technology is the patented 3-dimensional pose estimation and localization system, which was developed as we conquered the most demanding ODD challenge at golf courses. 

Pose and positioning are critical, especially on a narrow and irregular driveway, in remote places, with uneven terrain where tree shade blocks GPS signals––that’s what a typical golf course looks like. Any localization failure can risk damage to life and property.

Turing Drive’s technology limits positioning error within 1cm. In addition, redundancy gained from multiple sensors—LiDAR/camera/GNSS/IMU/wheel odometry ensures 24/365 all-time operation, minimizing the risk of crashing or discontinued operation.​ 


It is essential for any LSAD to quickly construct and continuously update autonomous-grade high-definition map on any new field site. Turing Drive borrows from past experience in open-road testing projects, in which we worked with Kokusai Kogyo Co. (KKC) and ThinkTron to utilize the highest quality of HD Map. KKC and ThinkTron produced the map, and Turing Drive would verify and innovate on top of it. Moreover, Turing Drive’s proprietary technologies allow us to create our own map for confined-area LSAD operations.


Speaking of technology, it’s always about the right fit with the right team dealing with the right ODD.

Another advantage is Turing Drive’s proximity to a dozen of the worlds’ leading Edge AI device, sensor makers, as well as service providers. Many thanks to ADLINK (IPC), Advantech (IPC), AWS, Everfocus (IPC), FarEastone (telecom), LOCOSYS (RTK), oToBrite (camera), Pepperl+Fuchs (IMU), and SyncBotic (IPC). It really requires a whole ecosystem to drive LSAD product and market.