Facility Operators

Facility Operators

Efficient, safe, and comfortable, revolutionizing venue mobility.

Autonomous driving redefines mobility, shaping unlimited possibilities for your environment.

Turing Drive seamlessly integrate autonomous driving into various scenarios, including pedestrian zones, ecological parks, resorts, amusement parks, as well as industrial areas, factory operational areas, ports, and last-mile delivery in gated communities and cargo transport that require safe handling and delivery.


Collaborating with vehicle manufacturers to develop domain-focused autonomous driving, creating a new service model.


Integrating AR tours, AI consultation, and autonomous driving for convenient visitor transportation, promoting local attractions and generating extra revenue.


Unlike Industry 4.0’s manufacturing automation, Industry 5.0 emphasizes human-machine interaction to create value. Autonomous transport vehicles, with intuitive HMI, enable factories to adapt to market changes.


Autonomous patrol vehicles, paired with IoT and visualized operations systems, streamline 24-hour site monitoring.


Autonomous cleaning vehicles streamline campus and industrial park maintenance, reducing labor while enhancing operational efficiency.

Collaborating with vehicle manufacturers to develop domain-focused autonomous driving, creating a new service model.


Combining virtual reality tours, AI consultation, and autonomous driving to provide more convenient transportation for visitors at scenic areas. At the same time, promoting local attractions, offering personalized tours, and creating additional revenue for the region.


Different from Industry 4.0, which focuses on manufacturing automation, Industry 5.0 emphasizes the close collaboration between humans and machines to collectively create value. Autonomous transport vehicles, combined with intuitive HMI, enable factories to adapt to rapidly changing markets.


24-hour patrol inspections at protected sites require significant labor costs. Autonomous patrolling vehicles, combined with IoT and visualized operations management systems, allow station managers to efficiently and accurately grasp real-time information both onsite and offsite.


Maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of campuses and industrial parks require a lot of work force. Autonomous cleaning vehicles, through automated scheduling and dispatch, keep areas clean round-the-clock, effectively reducing labor burden on staff members whilst improving operational efficiency.

The provision of integrated solutions between the collaborative efforts of humans and machines in response to Industry 5.0.

Transportation hubs face 24/7 operational challenges, with traditional methods often lacking real-time data transfer between terminals, hindering effective management. Turing Drive offers automated solutions, including IoT devices and user-friendly platforms, enabling efficient real-time monitoring. With data analysis tools, operations managers can plan more effectively.

Local tourism and public mobility with AI+AV.

In response to common challenges such as declining birth rates and aging populations in developed nations, our integrated solution combines augmented reality tour guides, AI consulting, and autonomous driving to enhance mobility in scenic spots and tourist destinations. Additionally, our platform optimizes logistics and reduces costs through autonomous delivery services. By revitalizing local attractions and fostering innovative business models, we stimulate economic growth at the local level.

Integrated human-machine solutions for Industry 5.0

Industry 4.0 emphasizes automated and digitized production processes, fostering machine communication and collaboration. In contrast, Industry 5.0 prioritizes human-machine collaboration to create value together. Turing Drive offers highly adaptable autonomous driving logistics and inspection solutions, surpassing traditional factory automation equipment. We prioritize agility, with modular and customizable settings enabling swift responses to market shifts. Balancing production efficiency with employee well-being is our focus, facilitated by user-friendly human-machine interfaces empowering humans to leverage their creativity, while machines handle heavy tasks.



The digital upgrade of domain services can be established in as quickly as one month.

With extensive field application experiences, Turing Drive is able to swiftly complete automated deployment for business operations.


Success cases


Yacht Club

Turing Drive’s low-speed vehicle sharing was first used in the recreational domain, serving as a shuttle service for members travelling to and from the parking lot and the clubhouse. By introducing the self-rental system and integrating a GNSS-positioning geofencing, members can borrow vehicles for personal service use while ensuring safe driving within designated areas, providing intelligent and convenient mobility services within the park.


Smart Golf Cart Operations

The first batch of successfully commercialized smart golf carts in Taiwan that allowed golfers to drive themselves on the golf course, ensuring safety and optimal speed to reach each hole. Real-time monitoring of vehicle status and violations is available on the backend.


Smart Parking Shuttle Service

The parking lot showcased autonomous mobility connection. Using a fanless embedded system, it manages AI modules, image capture, pre-processing, and computing. Results are sent to the control room, allowing smartphone reservations for flexible passenger needs.


Port of Taipei: 5G Autonomous Bus

The implementation of smart bus connections and blockchain logistics at the Port of Taipei, and introducing smart logistics transport vehicles that monitor route information, document and cargo statuses in real time, ensure the security of confidential document delivery, and reduce human labor. Conventional vehicles were substituted for autonomous buses equipped with smart lockers that verifies the sharing of mobile smart locker logistics services for port personnel.


Taiwan’s first self-driving bus

Taiwan’s inaugural self-driving bus service debuted in the metropolitan area, featuring two medium-sized buses operating along Taipei Xinyi Road during off-peak nighttime hours. Covering an 8.3-kilometer route with multiple stations, we implemented roadside infrastructure at crucial intersections to enable an intelligent transportation system. Real-time traffic signal integration, facilitated by a 5G network and a smart traffic control center, ensured safe self-driving operations. The service successfully transported over 3,000 passengers across approximately 2,000 kilometers.


Industrial Sector Embraces Autonomous Shuttle

The pioneering autonomous shuttle service in Taiwan’s industrial sector, supported by the Ministry of Transportation and initiated under the Taoyuan City Government’s ‘Autonomous Driving Electric Bus System Trial Operation Project,’ traversed over 5,000 kilometers. Installation of traffic lights and V2I communication systems further ensured uninterrupted connectivity.


Turing Drive provides custom mobility solutions for resorts, parks, and industries, including fleet management. Connect with us today.