Turing Drive

Automated Mobility Provider

Our mission is to create seamless mobility experience in your operational domain.


Assisted Driving System

We enable Level 2 autonomous driving for golf cart and low-speed vehicle makers and introduce new service model for fleet operators.


Automated Driving System

Plan, deploy, and maintain autonomous driving low-speed vehicles and fleet management system in confined area. Operators can set routes, schedule and dispatch vehicles to customize their mobility services.


Learn It the Hard Way

Since 2018, the technologies have been developed and tested on 5 vehicle types, by 27 autonomous driving vehicles, across 10 sites, traveling over 33,500 kms. We have overcome 3 terrains like urban canyon and golf course, managing operational design domains from amusement park to open street, including testing in Taiwan CAR Labs with TÜV Rheinland certification.

5 vehicle types

across 10 sites

traveling over 33,500


Identify drivable area through visual recognition.

Obtain the precise coordinates of obstacles in 3D space by combining LiDAR point cloud and visual data.

Execute signal detection system to correctly recognize traffic lane signals and assist vehicle when in motion.

Determines the dimensions of objects (e.g. length, width, height), and accurately detects their locations.

Integrates obstacle detection and vehicle route planning systems to prevent collisions between vehicles and surroundings to ensure the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

Route planning can be rendered through high precision maps and positioning technology.


Case Studies