Turing Drive

Redefining mobility and realizing new boundaries.

Turing Drive’s mission is to popularize reliable autonomous driving.
We value the coordination between humans and machines, and deploy task-specific autonomous driving technology to reduce dangerous, inconvenient, and repetitive elements throughout the mobility process. This enhances efficiency, lowers costs, and simultaneously creates a better user experience and enriching people’s lives.


Turing Drive System

We have built two main systems for autonomous driving vehicles based on Autoware:


Autonomous Driving Software and Hardware Systems

Includes modules such as HD maps, perception, positioning, planning control, etc., also taking vehicle dynamics into consideration, and matching appropriate sensors and computing platforms based on vehicle type and application environments.


Operations Management Systems

Task management and Fleet Management Systems (FMS) developed based on different Operational Design Domains (ODDs), including vehicle and facility management, vehicle dispatch scheduling, and data analysis backend modules.


Autonomous Solutions for Vehicle Manufacturers

Turing Drive provides task-specific autonomous driving solutions for vehicle manufacturers. We customize sensors and computing platforms based on vehicle types and operational environments. Additionally, we offer modular operational management systems according to use cases. This reduces the need for our partners to invest in their own R&D resources, enabling smart mobility transformation.


Dedicated autonomous driving vehicles designed for scenic areas, air and sea ports, and industrial domains.











Reasons to choose Turing Drive

01 Extensive Experience

Track Record

We have track records in implementing autonomous driving vehicles in over 10 locations in Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand. We also provide autonomous driving solutions for vehicle manufacturers, with a modular system design framework and tangible experiences to quickly meet customer needs.
02 Exemplary Technology

Integrative Technologies

The integration of precise positioning and control technology with HD maps enables the handling of complex terrains and narrow passages. A modularly designed operational management system, coupled with autonomous driving and remote control, enhances overall safety and is applicable for various use cases.
03 Develop community support

Supportive Ecosystem

Autoware is the world’s leading open-source project for autonomous driving. With a global network of over 100,000 developers, Autoware has the largest community and commercial use cases worldwide. This significantly accelerates our ability to assist customers in realizing the potential for various vehicle models and autonomous driving applications.


Safety deployments and case studies

Tron Energy autonomous shuttle on Xingyi Road, Taipei City
Parking lot shuttle service at Advantech Co., Ltd.
Smart golf cart with integrated virtual caddie system.
Taiwan YouTuber “Joeman” experiences autonomous bus
Taoyuan open road
Chulalongkorn University procures autonomous vehicles for course curriculum